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Our Story

StormTroopers started in 2005 after the vicious hurricane season. 

Our footprint is from Sebastian to Southern Palm Beach County. At the very beginning we were blessed enough to land an account with Lowes doing wood flooring.  


We focus on quality service and quality installs and we have developed many repeat customers during this phase of growth. With our Lowes account we formed a great partnership and they gave us more and more work. This is when I reached out to Ed McKenna for his professional services to help with project management and general business management. Now fast forward to today.  We are a local contractor supporting local businesses and local customers.

We love giving back to the community we live in. We support charities such as LAHIA, elevate Hope, wounded warrior programs, the children’s museum just to name a few. We at Storm Troopers ,enjoy what we do and it shows by our attention to detail, customer service,  and our long-term team players.


Whether it’s help with the kitchen design, full engineering approved blueprints, right down to just PAINT only. We are here to help. Again, we love what we do and want to keep local businesses, and local people happy!


Paul Hendriks Owner & CEO

Our Clients

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